Thursday, December 24, 2015

New year, new blog, new things to do......

Decided to try and start creating more updates through this Blogspot site, more on a monthly basis for 2016. Figured it's a good place for some rants...and maybe some musical resolutions. Last year I made two musical resolutions- one to get that album out (in a format that wouldn't make me wince), and to try to play out at least once a month. Both pretty much done, thanks in part to the Growler, where I host a monthly songwriter series...
So just to air them out in public, because it will make me get them done, I'll throw up a few musical resolutions in the next week or so, and because some of you actually read it, my top albums for the year (which I'm sorting out now....)  Will keep you posted, and if you haven't done it yet, like that idiotic Facebook page- it actually helps in the getting gigs department.

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First Reactions to City Eastern Serenade

First Reactions to City Eastern Serenade-Nov/2015
I have to say, it’s kind of weird tossing your music out there and seeing how people react- especially the radio and the press. You bust your ass packing envelopes, folding press releases and bios, and drop tons of envelopes into the mailbox…then you kinda hope…It was nice to get some good early radio bites the first month- you forget that everyone and their mother is sending radio people CDs and MP3s, but it’s nice to get a few blips of airplay across the country- got some nice hits in California, Tuscon, and Maine- and we’re  hoping for more as people make their way through the mail piles. Got a real nice write up  from a great music blog called The Daily Country- you can check it out here-  which was totally unexpected- loved it! If you know anyone who runs a blog, radio show, or podcast that might give it a listen, let me know and I’ll send a press package out. Thanks-fm

Recording City Eastern Serenade-Oct/2015

Recording City Eastern Serenade-Oct/2015

City Eastern Serenade is a collection of 8 original songs- some newer than others, some never recorded, or recorded properly. I just wanted to get these tunes out there, and get themn out in a format I thought was right- the right feel, the right mix, and overall sound. It took a while to get done, but I’m pretty happy with the way these turned out. The folks who played on this recording were great- I had some of the steady, long-time musicians who have been playing with me for a while, and some new blood adding percussion, backgrounds, and other pieces to the puzzle. I can’t tell you how fortunate I feel to have such a group of talented people come in and make something out of a few chords, lyrics and melodies.

I have to confess, I stole the name of the album from Sterling McGee, (aka Mr. Satan). Mr. McGee was playing at a festival and someone asked him what kind of music he played- he replied, “Some people have labels for music, like “soul” “blues” “rock and roll” “jazz” “country western”- we like to call our music “City Eastern”- I always loved that phrase, and thought it captured the spirit of this Dirt Nappers record somewhat- a mishmash of a few musical styles. I grew up listening to such a variety of music, so it only makes sense to twist that phrase into an album title for a collection of tunes that has cry-in-your beer steel guitars, Memphis-influence saxaphones, a few ripping guitar solos, and some soulful background singers.

Fair warning, I’m already thinking about the next record.


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