Sunday, March 6, 2016

Looking for new music? Screw Pandora, go to the library.....(at least if you are in Denver)...

So as you may or may not know, I have a strong connection to public libraries these days, and this came across my desk the other day.... Check out this project “Volume” by the Denver Public Library-

The library invites local musicians to submit their recordings/albums to a curated website that is sponsored by the institution, providing an accessible, excellent, locally driven collection of music. Indie music is more regional again, and having a local library step up and create a channel for independent music is actually pretty cool.

I’m not sure what the response has been, but from the site it looks like there is some really good activity. I love the fact that they don't censor, present a range of music, and have a solid selection process. Presenting under-served, less popular types of music in this arena has some great potential- especially since a huge part of the library experience involves browsing- Imagine a parent who wants to find some kids music, an accomplished jazz musician or even the aspiring singer songwriter with their first disc. The idea could be developed into a social media, community building project that can promote live music performances, connect people, and help create a new and different type of exposure for musicians. Just thought you might like to see this….shows how some libraries are becoming more of a community resource, and yet another way people are changing how music is distributed to audiences……..