Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Some early behind the scenes recording of "Bass, Drums, Guitars, and Organs"-The next Dirt Napper album

This summer we started working on a follow-up to City Eastern Serenade, with the intention of getting it out sometime in the fall of '16. During the recording of the record, I thought I would put up a few shots of what goes on during the various sessions. This footage is from a tracking session with Tony Tino and Phil Cimino, two great players who have done a bunch of live gigs with me. Tony played on a number of tracks on the last album, and we thought recording the two of them together for a number of tunes would be fun. City Eastern Serenade took over a year to make, with various stops and starts, but this album is going to be a bit more spontaneous, and more "live" sounding-
We tracked through six tunes over the course of the day. Many of you may have seen the end of the day bourbon shot on Facebook.

Here are three clips from the session-

I don't really know how to write a proper chart. I just kind of lay out the tune and these guys figure it out.  I wouldn't really know how to write a chart for drums, Phil Cimino somehow manages to figure out what I was trying to say.....

In this next clip, Phil noted that I was only giving a "4-count" into each song- instead of the normal "8-count" he was used to. I told him I was trying to save time.

The last clip is a bit longer-we were recording a new tune called "Rafferty Train". For the album, I think I'm going to do two versions, one more full band, and one very stripped down and acoustic. These guys fell into such a nice groove on this one- it was amazing. Tony was especially pleased because he got to use his fretless bass, which doesn't get out much these days......wait till you hear the whole tune....

thanks to mattyboy for rolling the camera....
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