Monday, July 16, 2018

A Few Memories, Sights and Sounds of Scotland -a real special place.

We tried to document a number of places we hit on our recent jaunt to Scotland on Instagram, but we figured we'd recap a few photo highlights and videos here.

Edinburgh, as we headed over to The Royal Mile Tavern for our first show, we stopped to take a picture that looks like an album cover.

The Royal Mile Tavern is right on the main drag, The Royal Mile, with numerous bars, music and food....basically an all day party. After we heard that the tavern had a reputation for serving great haggis, we went for it. Highly recommended.

Just a travel tip, when in Edinburgh, stop at The Southern Cross Cafe- 
--really friendly joint, great coffee, food and desserts. I think we ate there four times in three days.

Here’s our trusty tour bus….we never really knew what kind of car it was. and I’m sure once the car rental place in Edinburgh drops a new clutch in it, it will be fine…..and that burning smell will fade.

The Coach and Horses Tavern in Dumfries was your classic local pub. Heather tended a solid bar and kept the beers flowing all night- great crowd and one of the best collection of local band flyers plastered all over the walls. Great place to steal a band name.   Also, the men’s room was plastered with Beatles sheet music over the trough urinal. Kinda gave new meaning to the song “Yellow Submarine” and “Everybody’s Got Something to Hide- ‘cept for Me and My Monkey”

Mohr84 was located up in the hills- the foothills before you got the the classic Scottish Highlands. Our tour manager hooked us up with some very beautiful accommodations…..very spoiled little rock stars……these guys look like they are posing for a U2 cover band shot....

Our last night of playing music on this little journey was in a beautiful village called Moniave, which is about 15 miles outside of Dumfries. Just a classic town, with a fantastic pub/inn known as The Craigdarroch Hotel....Here's a few shots of us playing-sorry about the lame sound, we just propped an Ipad up on the piano.....Such a great place that Moniave, I left my heart in that town.

After we returned the PA to the rental company, and returned “Stinky”  the tour bus to Hertz, we spent the Sunday afternoon wandering around Edinburgh…..The city was a bit of a buzz because the Stones had played a killer show the night before, and Jagger was supposedly staying down the street from us, thought there never was an actual sighting. It was another beautiful day, and we wandered into this pub-Sandy Bells, where an amazing group of musicians were just sitting around playing. This looked like a scene out of the Waterboys retirement video, but we sat there for forty minutes or so just drinking beer and listening. Just a great bunch of players………and a great way to cap off a week in Scotland.

Here are some of the sights and sounds from the back room.

Thanks to the Kerr family for your amazing hospitality, thank you to The Royal Mile Tavern, Mhor84, The Coaches and Horses, and The Craigdarroch Hotel for having us, and thank you to everyone who came out and listened- we'll be back!

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